Pasteboard Inaccessible Issues

Can someone help with this issue? I’m currently trying to run my scripts via the command line. When I do this I constantly get the Pasteboard Inaccessible on remote machine error. I’ve verified that RDPClip.exe is running. I’ve killed it and restarted it. I’ve restarted the machine multiple times with no changes. I’ve looked at Wit's end (with remote clipboard) and Pasteboard inaccessible on remote machine but I’m still unable to figure out this issue. I also verified Computer Configuration >Administrative Templates>Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services >Remote Desktop Session Host
Do not allow Clipboard redirection is set to Not Configured.

I’m running version 20.1.0

are you connecting to sut using RDP… If RDP can you just check once “Clipboard” check box is checked as in image.