Pasteboard inaccessible on remote machine

I recently upgraded my version of eggPlant to v17.1.3. Before that I was still on v16. Now when I run my scripts with the remoteClipboard command, i.e.

put remoteClipboard() into dValue

I’m receiving the following error: “Pasteboard inaccessible on remote machine”. Was there a setting change with v17.1.3 that I need to be aware of? I’m connecting to my SUT via RDP.

So v17 did include an update to the RDP Connection code. It didn’t generally break clipboard support. You might just not have it accessible when you first connect, but a few moments after that.

If you are having problems actually getting/setting the clipboard on your SUT please contact support.

We did update our RDP libraries since the release you were using previously, but the clipboard is still fundamentally working.

Make sure that the process called rdpclip.exe is running on the machine that you are connecting to. This is the process that provides clipboard access on RDP connections.

I some how got it to work on my SUT but I have 2 other SUT’s that it’s not working on now. rdpclip.exe process is running on both. I ended the processes and restarted it to see if that would fix it. And it still didn’t work.

I can copy/paste to the clipboard manually but through the tool, it just doesn’t like it at all.

There’s nothing else that I know of that would cause this issue. We’d need to know more about your environment in order to do any further diagnosis.

I’m getting the same issue with the error “Pasteboard inaccessible on remote machine” on 17.1.4.

I have 5 SUT, 2 pairs of Database and Application servers and 1 User access portal. I use the clipboard for reading back text fields to verify that text typed into the field by the script has done so 100% accurately and characters have not got lost/missed by the receiving OS. (use OCR I hear you mumble, not with this typeface and size, it just reads back garbage").
The clipboard function will initial start off working then after a few disconnects and reconnects to the SUTs from the script as it installs and configures the software under test, the clip board will just stop working with the stated error.

Rdpclip is still running, killing it and restarting it does no good.
The only thing that seems to work is rebooting the machines involved, ie the machine running eggplant functional and the SUT, and even then its not guaranteed to work on the first try.

I’m thinking of just opening all the SUT in an initial script and then just flick between them with out doing the disconnects.

I might also try going back a release or 2 of Eggplant Functional, but that then brings back other issues that 17.1.4 fixed.