Would it be possible to have more GUI stuff?


It feels very limited to design your system using only ask function and answer function. It would be great if you can make your own for your needs. Something that you can do with Java or C++.


What are you trying to do?

I find that using the do box at the bottom of the run window combined with break points (or option-clicking the run button) makes up for the lack of JOptionPane…

When I want to change the settings for my system, I have to ask several questions from the user. It’s better to have one screen that you can make all the changes at once.

Okay, that makes sense. We’ll consider that as a possible future enhancement.

One thought to consider (which may or may not be helpful in your case): You may be able to simplify somewhat if you have certain options that go together. If so you could define a number of fixed option sets where each set describes the values for several parameters. Then the user can just specify which option set they want.

If there really aren’t a set of common configurations, you’ll be stuck for now with asking for each value separately (unless the options are simple enough that you might ask for several of them to be entered at once in a single “ask” command).

Thanks for the input.

Seems a good opportunity to consider allowing a user to design template panels in Interface Builder, have filesOwner bring back a properly list to the Eggplant runtime of object types, with sub property lists of object name for the key and of course a value…

answer with nib filePath
doSomethingWith the result