Working With logs

Hello Team ,

I have a scenario where I have log file which get updated for every min ,its huge file
so now I need to capture the logs part from starting and to ending of my test case (only those lines need be captured)
Please note that Log file is an external file

I have tried below code but it is capturing whole log
Open file “C:/programfiles/setup/data.log”
Put the current position in file “C:/programfiles/setup/data.log” into CurPosition
read into TillEndFile until eof from file C:/programfiles/setup/data.log at CurPosition
Close file “C:/programfiles/setup/data.log”
log TillEndFile

Thanks in advance

Hello bhaavan,

We would likely need more details about your issue. As team lead for the US support team I would recommend that you contact us at with additional details, including what portion of this log file you are trying to retrieve.

Warm regards,
Eggplant Support

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