Working plist file for Vine Server 3.11?

I am currently using OSX 10.6 and would like to be able to use Vine Server 3.11 without having to log in to the machine locally (ie, from a fresh restart).

In reading through the forum, I found that it said for OSX 10.5 you had to use launchd and use a plist file. I following the instructions, changing the path, adding the password authentication path, etc. However, if I have not logged into the system locally, I cannot get it to work.

If I remove some of the parameters, such a system service, in the posted plist file (, I can get server to come up, however, I always get the same message when trying to connect:

2011-01-06 09:28:25.962 OSXvnc-server[9688:2307] Unable to obtain base address – Giving up

Could someone please help me and post a working version of a plist file for Vine Server 3.11 with password authentication that would work OSX 10.6, or possibly try to help me determine what I am doing wrong or tell me a better way to do this?

It appears I’m getting the same result if I simply try to start the server manually with something like:
./osxvnc-server -rfbport 5901 -rfbauth vncpwdfile -protocol 3.3

It should be obvious I’m a newb at this, so I could be missing something very simple, so please provide any answers you make think could be too simple. Thanks…