Working on Files in SUT

Hi ,

Iam trying to Delete a File and Folder using

a) Delete file “” which is placed in the following path of mySUT.


but iam getting the following error message “”""""""""""""""""“STFileSystemException:
Failed to delete file or folder (Error: Error removing)”"""""""""""""""""

B) Delete folder “Leopard/Users/eggplant1/Application Support/IS&T Tool/” but iam not ablt to deleted the folder. following error i get “”""""""""""""""""""""“STFileSystemException:
Failed to delete file or folder Leopard/Users/eggplant1/Library/Application Support/IS&T Software Update/ (Error: Error removing)”""""""""""""""""

is that working files is restricted or can we work on any files in our SUT ?

can anyone please help me out to achieve this …javascript:emoticon(’:!:’)

Thanks In Advance

To work with files on the SUT, the file has to be accessible locally on the Eggplant machine. So to do this in the way you describe, you will need to mount the drive of your SUT on the Eggplant machine and then change the path accordingly.

Bear in mind that the connection between the Eggplant machine and the SUT carries only keystrokes and mouse events in one direction and returns only pictures of the screen, so there are no commands that directly perform more complex actions on the SUT (with the exception of a couple that interact directly with the clipboard). In almost all cases, if you want to perform an action on the SUT, your script has to perform the same steps that a user would have to.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your replay, can you please let me know how to give readwrite permission to a folder using sense talk scripting.

Thanks in Advance