Windows TIG - Markup tag for CR/NL?

Has anyone managed to find a ‘Windows’ compatible TIG that is capable of generating an image of more than one line of text? :shock:

No such tool exists and there are many variables that would need to be taken into account to do multiline text matching. Even matching multiple words is difficult if the remote system uses dynamic antialiasing, as the spacing between words is unpredictable. For multiline text, the problem is compounded because there is no way of knowing what the line spacing might be in any particular application.

You could roll your own TIG and give it any capabilities that you wanted to. If you add properties to the Text Image commands, EggPlant will pass them on to the TIG to either use or discard. So you could have a Text Image property list that included LineSpacing:“1.5” and if your TIG knew what to do with that value it could produce an image with specific line spacing.

You would probably also need to parse out the string to look for something like "
" to produce line breaks.

I should add that if you just want to verify the contents of text, you’re better off copying it to the clipboard if possible. So if you can script a “select all” command or a double-click and drag to select the text, and then do a copy, you can pull the text into your script with the following command:

put remoteClipboard() into testString

then you can compare the copied text to an expected value. This would be preferable to trying to match a block of text using the TIG.

Thanks Matt