Windows 7 with multiple displays

I am having problems trying to get multiple displays working with eggplant.

Here is how my system is set-up:

Windows 7 with the latest UltraVNC server on the SUT.
The SUT has 2 displays with the primary display set to extend to the other display
The eggplant system has eggplant and the latest UltraVNC viewer installed

UltraVNC viewer is able to see both displays on the SUT fine. Eggplant can only see the primary display and when I run a script where eggplant needs to recognize an icon on the extended display it fails. My conclusion is that even though UltraVNC viewer can see it fine there is something with eggplants built in VNC that is having problems. I am not sure if it is a setting or if eggplant cannot do this.