Window size

The window size of the viewer depends of server parameters (at least under linux)
I didn’t find where to give the parmeters of the size of the window client on the osxvnc server side

Any help would be appreciated

Unlike the LINUX vnc server on Mac OS X you do not “create a desktop” using VNC. You only gain access to the user’s existing desktop. The screen size of the desktop is controlled using the same mechanism you use to control it when working directly at the computer. It’s found in System Preferences -> Displays.

Foolishly I tried to change the screen size remotely using System Preferences->Display via OSXvnc. The client vnc display failed after I applied the new settings so I did a remote reboot of the OSX machine. Now when I connect to the OSX box using RealVNC client/OSXvnc Server I get a black client screen that turns green/blue after about 20 seconds. It’s like the background color you see on the Apple desktop via vnc when you first boot up but missing the login box. Maybe the login box is off the screen somewhere? That would be weird becuase I reduced the screen size settings not increased them.

Either way I am hosed until I can gain access to the physical machine. Anyone seen this problem? Anyone know how you can change the display settings of OSX Tiger via the command line? Linux is so much better from this point of view . . .

Turns out the display was screwed up when I got physical access to the machine too. No matter what I did each time I rebooted the machine it would boot up with one monitor staying black and the other turning blue but no login. I called Apple tech support and spoke to someone who suggested I reset the PRAM and when that didn’t work reset the OpenFirmware. Except the guy said he couldn’t remember what command to use. When I suggested that he being at Apple Tech support ought to have access to that information he said that he wasn’t supposed to offer this kind of information and that I should take the computer to a store. What a load of shite …

Anyway, I discovered that the answer when you get display problems like this is not to mess with PRAM and OpenFirmware but to trash the display preference files which are stored under the root /Library/Preferences and in your home directory e.g ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/