win2Mac perf what am i doing wrong.

Hello im using vine on my osx box and have tried a number of windows clients so i can connect to my mac.

I must be doing something wrong. When im inside of my internal lan believe it or not it is faster to use to go out of my network over the internet and then back in to the mac then it is to use a combination of Vine and say tight real or ultra vnc inside the lan

Can anyone recommend the best windows client to work with vine and any tips for inside lan communication


This sounds like more of a problem with your internal networking than the VNC client. I can guarantee that Vine Server works quickly (and well) with Windows TightVNC(best speed), UltraVNC(best security) and RealVNC(most compatible).

You might do a traceroute from your PC to the IP/hostname of the VS that you are connecting to and see if it’s going someplace unexpected.