Why I can't play music use: play "D:\headphone_mode_hd_fidelity.mp3"

play “D:\headphone_mode_hd_fidelity.mp3”
there is no music plays.
My OS is Win 11

Is there anyone can help me?

Do you have any playback setting enabled on your virtual machine, such as speakers?
Toolbar > Right Click > Select Sound > Under Playback, is there any option there?

Not all VM have built it sounds.

Is it the issue? You click on your mp3, and no sound plays?
Are you able to hear any other sound on the VM?

What mean “your virtual machine”?
My laptop?ot SUT?
"D:\headphone_mode_hd_fidelity.mp3 " can play on my laptop.

I mean your SUT. Are you able to play any music/sound on your SUT.

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