Why are my capture mode menus disabled??

I made sure I have a valid license, and its pointing to the correct license server, but I can’t figure out why my capture mode / capture image and all related features disabled? I can’t seem to use the product at all.
This is my first time using Eggplant, I have used Rational Robot and Winrunner before. I am using it on a Windows box. I do have the VNC server up and running. My Application under test is a web app on the same machine as the machine on which Eggplant and VNC are installed.

Can you please help? I do not know what I am doing wrong! Thanks!
:frowning: :oops:

I think you’ve run across a bug. If you close the remote window while it’s still connected the toolbar items get “stuck” in their current state. If you reconnect to the SUT then they will return to their normal operation.

Sorry for the inconvenience, that issue will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for the reply.

Which remote window? I dont think I am even connected! The connection list shows socket error 10060 occurred. Reconnecting gives the same error.

Can we have the web app under test, VNC and Eggplant all on the same machine??

It really is best to have two systems when writing scripts in eggPlant. Otherwise eggPlant and the Application under test will constantly be fighting for control.

If you only have one system we highly recommend using a Virtual Machine. VirtualBox is one free VM solution that we’ve had good luck with although there are many good VM tools out there.

Once you have your tests constructed you can run in a one-system configuration and it should work well.