What's the biggest advantage of eggPlant?

My first post . I’m curious of the biggest difference with other image-recognition automation tool??
My last known tool is Sikuli , a similar tool implemented template-matching algorithm to recognize image , and it’s free.
I know your product is more bigger and with more functions, however , in image-recognition, what’s your advantage?

In GUI test ,there is a problem we ofen face --different languages. Is there a function which can ignore one part of a captured image , i mean omit the importance of language. As a human sees a picture ,sometimes he/she could care for the outline , some times he/she cares the outline and the inset background

All the other tools that use “image compare” uses a raw image of a rectangle selected. Which means the next time it runs if ANYTHING changes inside the image compared to the real image, it will fail. Besides that, other tools base the compare on exactly the same location by coordinates. If your application changes the screen, color or size slightly, it fails. Read this as, one pixel difference and it will not find the image.

I have used MANY automation tools over the years, NOTHING does automation better than eggPlant. Why? Because it is using fuzzy logic to search the entire screen for the rectangle you captured to compare. No other tool does this. eggPlant allows differences in the real image vs. the captured image and still pass or find it.

The other big thing is, it requires no plug-ins, add-ins, API calls to the OS or AUT to click on things or capture text etc.

Which means it can execute scripts against anything that has a UI.

In your case, I would capture an image which doesn’t have text in it, you can move the hotspot to a location on the other side of the screen if you need to.

I have done automated scripting for 20 years and used many tools, some free some purchased. I usually don’t have a favorite tool, because the goal is to automate something not sell software. This is the only automation tool I will call my favorite and tout it’s usage.

Hope that helps.