What is the difference between VPN an VNC

I want to setup a secure connection to a group of work computers and i do not know what i should use VPN or VNC.

Is a VPN created with Software or hardware ?

Why would i VPN need this instead on using VNC ?

Is there an Advantage to either ?

Thanks In Advance for your anwsers

Ultimately you must read, look at the issues in each technology and finally decide on a solution that meets your needs. VPN is a virtual private network, and VNC is a Virtual Network Connection (or some say computer). Bottomline, both can be ‘secured’ with encryption schemes, and both have advocates that claim one is better than the other.

Please see our VNC Online FAQ in our Redstone User Forum :slight_smile: right here.


Also take a look at the overviews of VPN and VNC on wikipedia.

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and some other helpful links


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Thanks Todd,
I checked out realvnc and i saw that they are using 2048-bit RSA keys to verify identity. What Security is in play with SSH and VineServer

Awesome thanks Todd, Security is often overlooked and misunderstood