What is the best VNC for Mac OS X 10.7?

My main machine which installed EggPlant is Mac OS X 10.7. My SUT is Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in a Virtual Machine with VMWare. Can any one recommend me which VNC is the best VNC for my Mac OS X 10.7? How to connect?


The best VNC for you to use would probably be Vine Server. However, you can also use RealVNC, and VMWare has a built-in VNC server. In order to set up VMWare’s built-in server , you can go to the Virtual Machine menu and following the path Virtual Machine>Settings>Advanced>Other. Check the “Remote display over VNC” box and set the password and port if you want to. To connect to the VMWare server, just set your eggPlant connection to use “localhost” as the machine and then specify the port from the VMWare configuration panel.

If you don’t use the VMWare server (which generally seems to work okay), then you’ll install one of the other servers on the VM. Your VM will have it’s own IP address and you’ll connect to it just as you would any other standalone machine. There is a portion of the Getting Started manual that goes through the process of connecting the EggPlant machine to the SUT. You can access this by opening the manual through the eggPlant Help menu (Help>eggPlant Help) and then searching for “Adding an SUT to the Connection List” or “Open a VNC Connection to your SUT”.

Another option which might be easier is to simply use another user account on your machine as the SUT. There is an explanation of how to do this in the FAQ article “EggPlant Single Machine Setup” on the website: http://www.testplant.com/support/2011/06/single-machine-setup/



The Vine Server works for me.