What is the best VNC Client for Windows 7?

I found out the hard way that RealVNC Free does not support Windows 7. Before I buy Personal for whopping $30. Just wondering if that is the best way to go?

Any success stories out there with other VNC Clients and Windows 7?


In our testing we’ve found that UltraVNC seems to work acceptably on Windows 7. TightVNC also appears to work well, but in the connection information you should set the “Color Depth” dropdown to “Default” rather than “Millions”.

Hello All.

After vetting them all here is what you need to know. Spend $30 for the RealVNC personal license.

It’s the only one that works.

have fun.

What showstopping problems did you find with Ultra and Tight? I haven’t used them extensively, but they seemed to work in my limited trials.

I didn’t use Tight but I found that Ultra would stop serving frequently. Also, the Mirror drive caused refresh issues with out Java based Application.

FYI… I turned OFF the Mirror driver even in Real.

FYI … here are my settings for RealVNC PERSONAL – yes… spend the whopping $30… that seem to work on XP, Vista, and 7!

When installing don’t even bother with the mirror driver, Printer Driver, Viewer
DO “Remove desktop background”
Do NOT use the mirror driver if installed
Do NOT “Disable user interface effects”
When you setup the password drill down one and setup for admin as well!
Use Black Background - OS setting not RealVNCs…
Encryption = Prefer OFF

Your situation may be different but if you start with these your odds of success increase…

I’ve been using the free version of Real VNC on Windows 7 without any issues whatsoever. No need to fork out the whopping $30! 8)

Interesting. Would you be willing to share all your settings with the class?


Yeah sure. If I haven’t listed a setting, it means it’s disabled.

Running VNC Server Free Edition 4.1.3

VNC Password Authentication

Accept connections on port: 5901

Accept pointer events from clients
Accept keyboard events from clients
Send clipboard updates to clients
Allow input events to affect the screen-saver

Use client’s preferred sharing setting
Non-shared connections replace existing ones

Remove Wallpaper
Remove background pattern
When last client disconnects, Do nothing

{Capture Method}
Poll for changes to the desktop
Capture alpha-blended windows

Nothing enabled

I also added a reg key to called “DisplayDevice” with the value “\.\display1” so it only shares 1 of my monitors with eggPlant.

Apart from that I don’t think I’ve really done much to the initial config. The service is running and it just works for me. :mrgreen: