What is the #1 script across all our HC customers?

The most common and one of our highest ROI scripts is… Patient Registration. Many hospital systems need to load test patient data into their EMR test/training environments to conduct workflow testing and for training purposes so that an end user like a nurse, can either test their common workflows with a test patient and add allergies, place orders, etc or for training purposes to practice the sore workflow prior to GoLive. Most of our customers did this manually, taking up to 10min per patient to load into the test environments, with eggPlant, they are able to load patients in under 90 seconds, and that is without human intervention, just run time for an automated script. This allows hospital systems to load hundreds of patients into their environments with little effort and resources, leveraging automation. See more here:
https://www.testplant.com/resources/community-emr-accelerator/ or ask our Technical Consultants, we would love to help you get this script up and running at your organizations too!