What Initial/Final/Helper suite...?

Hi All,

I am new to eggPlant tool and please help me to understand below terms.

Initial Suite.
Final Suite.
Helper Suite.

and how I can use these in my automation testing/framework.

Thanks in Advance.

You would really only use Final suites or Helper suites. They are both ways of making scripts and images in one suite available to scripts in another suite. A helper suite is a suite that is added to another suite via the Helper Suite panel in the suite settings. Once a suite is added as a Helper to another suite, all of the scripts in the Helper can be called just as though they were in the suite being Helped, and all the images can be accessed as well. The FinalSuites is a global variable containing a list of suites to look in for resources if they are not found in the current suite. You add a suite to the FinalSuites with code like this:

set the FinalSuites to (“Utilities.suite”, “Windows.suite”)

The InitialSuites works the same way as the FinalSuites except that the InitialSuites are checked for scripts and images before the current suite. This might be what you want, but generally the behavior of the FinalSuites is preferred.

Suppose that I have the following suites in these locations C:\User\IWantToUseThisSuite.suite and C:\User\UsingFinalSuites\UsingIWantToUseThisSuite.suite.
How can I use FinalSuites in a script inide UsingIWantToUseThisSuite.suite to access scripts and images inside IWantToUseThiSuite.suite?

Add this line to your script:

insert "C:\User\IWantToUseThisSuite.suite" into the FinalSuites