Weird pixel color

This may be a dummy question.
When I tried to use TIG to find the text on my IE browser, it always fails.
Then I find something weird on the color of the text pixel.
I am guessing that’s what cause the problem.

Any suggestion?

What you’re seeing is the text antialiasing; it’s not likely to be the problem because the TIG is using the same system routines to generate text that are being used by the browser. The most likely problems are:

  • You aren’t specifying the correct font.
  • You haven’t specified the right font size.
  • Inconsistent spacing within or between words.

The first two can be solved by specifying the correct font and font size; unfortunately, I can’t tell you what they would be on the example page. You can try downloading ScreenOCR (search for it on Google) and using that to determine what the font is.

The third possible problem can’t currently be remedied in the TIG.

Please note that unless you are trying to match text that changes dynamically, we still recommend using image capture in your scripts.

Here are a couple of other things you may want to check:
[list]1. Ensure the TIG that eggPlant is pointing to is the one running on the target SUT. Or, if you are running the TIG on a different computer, that it is using the same settings as the target SUT.

  1. Internet Explorer 7 may turn on ClearType font smoothing for pages that it displays, even though smoothing is turned off in Windows. You may need to adjust the systems’ setting to match IE’s (Control Panels > Display > Appearance > Effects), or turn it off in IE (Tools > Internet Options > Advanced). More info here:[/list:u]