Weird beachball hang in some apps when sharing screen

Hi guys,

My client app is Apple’s Screen Sharing connecting through to Vine Server. Vine Server runs in a user account which is in the background while another user is sitting at the machine.

Most of the time this works fine, except for the occasional app from the foreground user which will hang until they click off the app and back onto it.

This happens continuously with Lego Digital Designer, usually when closing a picture in Preview, and sometimes in Safari–particularly the Top Sites page.


  1. A screen sharing session is running to a background user
  2. Foreground user starts up Lego Digital Designer
  3. LDD hangs with beachball
  4. User clicks desktop and back on LDD window and LDD is released
  5. LDD hangs again
  6. Repeat 4-5

This only happens if the screen sharing session is running. If I shut my client down and leave Vine Server running everything returns to normal.

Client and server 10.6.1 (also happened under 10.5.x) Vine Server 3.11 (also happened under 3.1 and previous versions)*

Same hang when connecting from iSSH on my iPhone. Have tried every setting of Keyboard Events and Input Source.

Thoughts appreciated.

*It’s taken a long time to narrow down app hangs to a screen sharing session being present!

Best suggestion: Don’t use Apple’s screen sharing. Use Vine Viewer or another VNC viewer application.

Well I did get the same results running a VNC session with iSSH on my iPhone?

I think it is the same issue as in