Weird auto relaunch of crashed apps

I’m using the Screen Sharing app to connect to a server running Vine Server.

If an app crashes when the account I’m connecting to is in the background (the login window is showing on the server’s screen), the app will be automatically relaunched. If the account is foreground (on the server’s screen), the crashing app won’t be relaunched.

I’d rather apps weren’t automatically relaunched. I’ve tried turning off ‘Restart server if it stops unexpectedly’ with no change.

Is this something to do with Vine Server or some OS X oddity?

Client and server running OS 10.5.4, Vine Server 3.0

If you are talking about other apps (not associated with VNC) then yes this is just a mechanic of the Mac OS X behavioral differences between on vs. off screen work sessions.

If you want to have control over that behavior you’ll need to file a request with Apple, it’s not something that VNC has control over.

Cool, thanks for confirming it’s Apple’s design.