WaitFor multiple images with logic


I would like to create a script that lets me look for combinations of images.

Ideally I’d something like, WaitFor EITHER (image1 AND image 2) OR (image2 AND image3) etc

Failing that, I am absolutely open to suggestions to test this scenario (I’ve attached an example image) - I need to check that only tables with the correct number of seats are being displayed. Seats can be displayed as white when occupied or black when empty. At the moment I am just looking at 2 seat tables, however as in the attached image I’m aware that my proposed method would get extremely convoluted!

It is also difficult as the seat’s image rectangles can have different backgrounds depending on their respective environments.

I have also thought that the images will need to be found only if they’re in their correct position otherwise EggPlant will get confused?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Miles

this can easily be done by capturing smaller images so that you just have the inside of the circles. By using EveryImageLocation() specifying each one separately or you could do them together you get either the used or open seat or if combined all seats.

I hope that works for you