VNC Viewer - Windows

I’ve successfully installed, enabled, and connected to my Mac from a remote location with VNC Viewer on the WIndows side.

When I set a password on OSXvnc (1.71) and attempt to connect from VNC Viewer on a Windows machine, it prompts for the password which I’m typing in - however it says that its an invalid password…

Any ideas why VNC Viewer and OSXvnc aren’t cooperating in terms of accepting this password?

It’s quite possible that you are only connecting to Apple’s built in server for Apple Remote Desktop which also runs on port 5900 by default. We recommend disabling ARD using SystemPreferences->Sharing->Services.

Alternatively, you can run OSXvnc on another port like 5901.

Interesting - so I can view an ARD enabled machine with a VNC viewer?

If properly configured - yes, ARD will allow you to view and control a machine via a regular VNC client.

Unfortunately ARD is not particularly robust (it will crash and hang), not particularly compliant (it doesn’t work well with all versions of VNC), is not very configurable (can’t change the port or other settings), and is lacking for many of the features of a typical VNC server.