VNC Viewer for Mac OS 9

Ok so I know there is a VNC server for Mac OS 9 but is there a Viewer for the operating system? If there isn’t does anyone know a remote desktop client that works with OS 9?

Yes, VNCThing should still work on OS 9 (and earlier).

We didn’t write VNCThing but we’ve had a hard time finding a reliable mirror so we’ve made it available on our webserver:

JonathanOSX, thanks for providing an OS 9 mirror. However it’s also a challenge to get a .sitx file unstuffed on OS 9. Is it possible to post it in another form? I think it’s pretty small even without compression. Thanks again.

Sure thing, here is a regular .sit link:

VNCThing 2.2 (SIT)

EDIT: Fixed the URL, thanks for pointing that out.

[quote=“JonathanOSX”]Sure thing, here is a regular .sit link:

VNCThing 2.2 (SIT)

Jonathan, the link URL contained a typo which I’ve corrected in the quote above. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile: