VNC Server won't respond after sleep

I have OSXVnc installed on a headless G4. It works fine. The system is scheduled to sleep during the night and wake during the day. I can sucessfully use Wake550 to bring it out of hibernation if needed during the scheduled sleep. The problem I’ve been having is that sometimes OSXVnc doesn’t respond after the machine wakes from sleep. Using Chicken of the VNC - the server shows up in the VNC rendezvous connections window but it gives an error when trying to connect (Conneciton Terminated/The server closed the connection/Retry - OK dialog). If I login via ssh and kill the OSXVnc-keepalive process, I can then connect. This doesn’t seem to happen all the time…

This seems a little confusing.

You mention that killing the keep-alive process allows you to connect, are you sure it’s not the server that you are killing, thus having the keep-alive script restart a fresh server?

Next time this happens try doing a port scan to see if the VNC port is still considered “open” or if the whole process is completely dead.