VNC Screen Freezing

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem with a Vine Server (3.11) running on latest version of Snow Leopard.

I’m connecting to it from a Windows Vista client using TightVNC.

I can connect fine, but after a short while (sometimes after every click), the current frame/image freezes… and the only way to restore the stream is to click the refresh button.

I have looked around but can’t find any reason why this might be happening.

Any help?


FYI: I was using TightVNC as UltraVNC and RealVNC had stopped working with 3.1, but seeing as I updated to 3.11 today, these are working again.

I’m using UltraVNC now. Dunno why TightVNC still doesn’t work.

There may be a problem sending cursor data using the tight encoding. If you switch back to tight you might try disabling the remote cursor rendering option.

I think you’re right. Disabled it and no freezing so far.