VNC in background but no icon

Hello, I am using VNC 4.0 (from to remotely connect to another comuter. It works great, but I am finding it a problem that winvnc server does not shut off
when the V icon is clicked and Close VNC is selected. There are two
ways to know it is still running… One is to try to load it again,
and you get the message that it is already running. The other is to
check Processes running (under Windows XP, do control-alt delete, click
the Processes tab, and look down the list and you’ll see winvnc.exe listed.)
There are two problems with it continuing to run in background. One is
that your computer is still open to the remote person. The second is
that you don’t have the Vnc icon on taskbar (near clock) anymore, so you
cannot disconnect from the person viewing your computer or close the vnc.
The only way I can find to shut it down for sure is to highlight it in
the Processes and click End Process. That simply is no way to have to
close a program.
Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

Please submit this question to support at the RealVNC Web site ( We support OSXvnc and are happy to answer general VNC questions, but support questions about third-party tools are best answered by the people who make that tool. The RealVNC site also has user forums that you can browse or search to see if anyone else has experienced your problem and/or identified a solution.

That said, are you sure you don’t have more than one VNC process running – either the one running as a service and one run as a user, or perhaps an older version running in addition to the latest one?

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize there were two vnc’s. The questions on the realvnc site have not addressed this problem.
No, I’m not sure I don’t have two processes running. Mainly because, I guess, I’ve never been sure the “service” means. I’m just an individual user connecting to another user, not a business. I probably signed up for the “service” thing, but maybe that is not relevant for individuals? I’m just aware of the winvnc.exe file that is to run when one computer is ready to become the server for the other (using viewer) to connect to.
Thanks for your response.

The “service” is a Windows service – it’s something that runs in the background without an interface and you have lots of them running whether you know it or not. When you install RealVNC 4, one of the options that it gives you, which is selected by default, is to register VNC to run as a service. If you leave that selected, then VNC gets started in the background and gets restarted every time you boot up Windows. If you then also go into Programs and start the VNC server from there, then you can have two instances of the server running. There should be an option in the RealVNC folder under programs to Unregister the VNC Service. If you stopped and unregistered the VNC service and then just started VNC from the Programs menu, you could be reasonably sure you just had the one instance running and when you exited it, it should go away gracefully.