When I Open up my VNC Server it has my External IP in red. it says
“Network is NOT configured to allow connections to this IP”

Can anybody explain how i can configure my network to do so. I’m running on airport. Cheers

There are a number of issues that you may need to deal with in opening up your system to access from the outside world. In addition to your Airport server, you may also have another router that connects it to the world. If so you’ll have to ensure that each step along the way is forwarding connections to the correct port for your VNC traffic. Chapter 2 of the Vine Server documentation describes these issues and will get you started.

ok, well i’ve done that i’ve done the port forwarding but that is form the router which is and my ip on my airport is Although both on the same router, can i forward my port to that adress even though they have different ips? I’m pretty sure i’ve done all that i can, i’ve opened up all the firewalls to ports 5500, 5800, and 5900. I’ve send port forwarding from the router mainpage to my computers ip, which is static. im just not sure that they can talk to each other beacuse they have different IP’s.
i,e 192.168.0.X and 10.0.0.X

If someone from the world at large connects to your external IP address (such as on port 5900, that will reach your router. If your router forwards port 5900 on its internal (192.168…) network to your airport (let’s say the airport’s IP is on your local network), then the airport can forward port 5900 to your computer at

Maybe it will help if you think of it as a castle with an inner and outer wall. People on the outside see one address. Once the message is delivered to the gate, the guard (the router) turns around and re-sends it using internal addresses (in the 192.168… range). When it reaches the castle’s inner wall, it goes through a similar translation by the castle guard (the airport) into the 10.0… range of addresses (those are the room numbers inside the castle, where your computer lives).

When two computers are on the same network they can address each other directly, without passing through a wall and being translated into different addresses. If they live on opposite sides of a wall, they must go through the router to reach the other side.

aaahhhh i get it. so basically my airport is like a router inside a router brilliant.

thanks a lot