VNC connection with Virtual Machine (ANDROID)


I have a problem with connection the android emulator with eggplant. I am using the virtual machine with installed android 4.0. I can not run the VNC server. Application (VNC) has root privileges. Has anyone tried to connect in this way? If so, please help.

If you are connecting directly to the Android device then you’ll want to use VMLite which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. That application will not require that you root the device.

If you are running in an Emulator you could also connect to a VNC Server on the host machine.

I want a direct connection between a virtual machine and eggplant. The device is rooted. I checked several VNC servers, but none of them works. On your web site is information about the possibility of using the virtual machine with android. I would like to know how to configure it. I do not want to connect to the host. For my needs this solution works too slowly.

VMLite will work within the emulator as well. Have you had any problem with that particular VNC server?

It can be configured as described in our knowledge base post: Testing Non-Rooted Android Devices

I have not checked VMLite yet. I wonder how to connect the virtual machine with the Host via usb. VMLite requires it to run. I do not know how to configure it. Do you have a tutorial for virtual machines?

I was able to start VMLite within the Android SDK emulator and connect to it with eggPlant following these steps:

  1. Start the VMLite app within the android emulator. On the host PC/Mac run the VMLite Android App Controller (

  2. Follow the instructions to enable USB debugging in the android emulator (Settings > Developer options > USB debugging)

  3. In VAAC click on USB Connect and enter port 5901. The emulator device should be listed as attached (in my case “emulator-5554 device”)

  4. In VAAC click on Start VMLite VNC Server. You should see in the emulator that the VNC server is now running. On the host PC/Mac you should be able to make a VNC connection to localhost:5901

Thanks Ryan.

The problem is that the SDK emulator does not have a built-in google store. I do not know how to install apps from Google Play, without the possibility of registration device in google. I need this program from an official source. That’s why I’m using virtual box.

Radek, we’ll contact you via email.

For any other customers that need direct access to the VMLite application please contact our support team.