Visual Studio Code Extension

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce that I have created a Visual Studio Code extension that brings the Eggplant Functional scripting workspace to Visual Studio Code. It also comes with autofill snippets and syntax highlighting to make coding on VS Code IDE more enjoyable. Search Eggplant Functional Workspace Pro on the extension tab and download the extension by the user Ricardo Magana. Hope you guys enjoy it.


@rmaganacs Kudos! I just installed it and will give it a whirl. Not taking a license up just for code editing is a big deal. Being able to edit outside Eggplant with as much of the syntax features as possible is even better!

Has this extension now been removed? I cant find it.

The extension is still available to download.

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Does it only work with 2013? this would explain why it is not listed inside the VS2022 extension manager.

It also lista release date of 2015… and no updates since to cater for new structures?


I am not sure which one you are looking at. I have provided a link to the website of the one I created in my previous post. It was made on the newest version of VSCode.