Virtual gui issues


I have been facing this problem from quite a while.
Whenever i launch gui, it gets opened up in the right hand corner of the eggplant window.
i do have a workaround like draganddrop commands,but sometimes it doesnt seem to work

Please have a look at the screen shot and let me know if there could be anyother way of doing it.

Iam not sure why the GUI is launched that way.

Thanks a million,

Unfortunately this can’t be fixed through any changes to eggPlant because it doesn’t have anything to do with eggPlant. eggPlant can’t control what your SUT does internally when you ask it to launch something – eggPlant is asking it to to launch your virtual GUI the way a user would and then the system is doing whatever it does in response to that request.

It could be something in the configuration of the VNC server. Linux/Unix VNC servers actually create a user session and the display properties can be defined in the VNC configuration – perhaps the VNC server thinks the display area is larger than it is. If you have a Unix guru on site they might be able to suggest some additions or modifications to the VNC configuration.