Vine viewer will not resize beyond a certain point

Hi guys!

I’ve been looking for a better solution for a VNC viewer for the Mac, and I gotta say that the Vine viewer really looks the goods! I especially like how you can scale and resize the viewer window (remote screen) easily.

But I’ve encountered a crappy problem. When first installed, the view resized/scaled flawlessly. However, after a couple of days using it, it no longer will let me resize the window past a size of 800x500 (or very close to that size). This is regardless of how large my desktop is on my computer.

This resizing restriction exists whether I’m looking at the remote desktop in scaled or full-size mode… the viewer resize handle won’t let me drag the window out to a size any larger than 800x600!

Is there a way to reset or fix this restriction? I’m on the verge of buying the Vine viewer, but this is a real deterrent.

These details might help. I’m working on a Mac Pro (Quad 3GHz), with dual monitors. Monitor 1 is at a resolution of 1600x1200 and monitor 2 was at 800x600. The viewer last worked properly when I started to use it primarily on monitor 2, at a resolution of 800x600. Now it won’t resize larger than that size, even if I increase monitor 2’s resolution to something larger than 800x600 (and it won’t resize properly on monitor 1, either…)

Any ideas?


Currently there is a problem where Vine Viewer (1.1) limits maximum window size to the Main Window at the time the connection is created. Restarting the app and having it running on your larger screen (at least to start connections) should work around the problem for now.

This has been fixed for the next release of Vine Viewer.