Vine Viewer to Adderlink ipeps IP-KVM failing

I’m currently evaluating Vine Viewer for purchase. I’m not able to connect to an Adderlink ipeps box. Others can connect OK with Windows and Linux. I’m not getting any useful messages of the connection process in the console.
Message #1 is returned without ssh and message #2 is with a ssh connection
#1 “Connection failed:Connection Timed Out - Unable to connect to host”
#2 “Connection failed:Connection Closed By Host”

The documentation says use this for a command line in linux:
vncviewer -via

Can Vine Viewer make this connection?
How can I turn on debug logging so I can see what is going on?

Many thanks,

-Matt Johnson
Minneapolis, MN

This should definitely be working (without SSH). We use the Adderlink iPEPS device ourself so it must be some sort of configuration/environmental issue.

Please make sure that the iPEPS isn’t set to require RealVNC encryption (which Vine Viewer does not support).