Vine Viewer timed out when connecting

My local network has a number of different machines - one of which has Xvnc running under SuSE linux 11.2 - all software updated today.

All other machines can make a VNC connection to this Xvnc server with no problems, connection in under a second - rock solid even logging in as root!

VNC Viewer (v3.1 - MacOS X 10.6.4) confirms the Xvnc server ability - but any attempt to connect fails after 8 seconds with the error message “Connection failed:Operation timed out” and the status dot goes red!

I have progressively disabled the VNC options, testing each time - with the same ‘timed out’ response. Going back to all enabled again makes, as I rather expected’ no difference. I even disabled the automatic availability check, restarted the viewer - but the same problem occurred.

In other words, having bought it, VNC Viewer does not, I’m sorry to say, work for me.