Vine viewer record movie where all the screen is black. Why

I use Vine viewer on 10.6.5 to record a movie of my vnc screen.
This movie can by run by quicktime but is is almost full black.
I can only see the black mouse pointer appearing and moving on the screen .
what should I do ?

This appears to be a problem with Apple Quicktime Player on 10.6. Those same movies play under 10.5 or with other third party players.

One option is to convert the movies using a third party tool like qt_export which is freely available on the web.

Another option is to use the “Save for Web?” option under the file menu in QT Player and select “Computer” for the format. This will create a movie that will play on the 10.6 Mac. If you want to, you can even turn around and save that movie back to QT format.