Vine Viewer Old version

Why does vine not offer Vine viewer version 2 in the downloads ? I bought it and it should be there to download.

I will not be upgrading as i feel like vine has too aggressive marketing scheme and they will be 4.0 with a $50 price by years end.

Regardless where can i download 2.6 ?


We normally have links to only the latest versions of our software on our download page. We can certainly provide a link for you to download an older version.

You’re very welcome to continue running the older version of Vine Viewer (version 1.2 – there was never a version 2.6) for as long as you like. Since you have a license for that version, you’re also entitled to upgrade to version 3 at a discounted price, but if the new features aren’t worth the cost to you then please don’t buy it. You can also get a free limited-time trial key for version 3 in order to try it before you decide.

I’m not sure what “aggressive marketing” you were subjected to. We don’t advertise Vine at all. For the past 5+ years we’ve been maintaining and enhancing Vine Server (formerly OSXvnc) which is completely free (and apparently appreciated by the Mac community – it gets downloaded about 500 times a day). Since we had built a good VNC client as part of our Eggplant product, we decided to make it available as Vine Viewer for any folks that would like a VNC client on the Mac with its features. I guess you’re one of them. :wink:

Personally, I hate annoying email advertisements as much as the next person, so if you received more than you like you have my sympathy (that’s not my department). At the same time, many people like to know when a new version is available. I’m sure there’s a link explaining how you can opt out of the mailing list if you like.

As for price increases, I strongly doubt the price will be going up any time soon. We certainly don’t have any plans to do that. But then, we also haven’t designed Vine Viewer 4.0 yet. If it ends up adding a lot of valuable new functionality, it’s possible that the price will change. Then you’ll have the opportunity to decide (as with any product) whether the features it offers are worth the price to you. In the meantime, I expect we will be fixing bugs and making minor improvements in version 3, and will release updates at no cost to current license holders as you would expect.

Here is a link to download the 1.2 version of Vine.