Vine Viewer not connecting to OSX Lion and Lion Server

Okay I have a Mac Mini server running Lion Sever and want to remote manage this machine from another Mac running 10.6.8. Vine Viewer works fine from this machine to all other Snow Leopard 10.6.8 machines but not to the server or my MBP.

Accessing the server allows me to choose which account to login to but after entering the password simply returns to the login screen. I can log into multiple accounts and these accounts are then shown with a tick under each user I have attempted to log in as, however I can not actually login to the machine and control it from remote as I keep getting returned to the .

Similarly I can not login to my laptop (MBP Lion) from my 10.6.8 Snow leopard machine Vine simply indicates “No supported Authentication types”, running the Vine server doesn’t change this but generates a large number of errors as reported in the console logs. Vine Viewer from the MBP appears to work fine also only to Snow Leopard machines.

Looking at the other Lion related issues I see here have I missed something?