Vine Viewer Connection Gets Dropped from Vine Server

i have a Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X, using Vine Viewer to remotely control my PC (Windows XP). Every time I try to use it remotely, the Vine Server on my PC drops the connection after just a couple of minutes. I did not set up my connection, but had our software/hardware consultant set this up for me. He has exhausted all of the suggestions posted to on the TestPlant support page to access my PC (it’s behind a modem and firewall). Can anyone offer help to get over this “snag.” I’m about to go on vacation (you know how that is), and then I’m traveling in the fall on business a lot. I need to be able to control my desktop PC remotely from the Mac. Looking forward to assistance.

We don’t offer a Windows version of Vine Server so you must be using a different VNC server (RealVNC, UltraVNC and TightVNC are the most common ones).

You might be using one of the commercial versions of RealVNC that have a time limit on them. You should determine which VNC you are running on the PC and look at their support information.

so sorry for my lack of software “language” skills. it’s the RealVNC that’s on the PC. like i mentioned, i did not set this up. i had our computer consultant do it.