Vine Viewer 1.2 -- PUBLIC BETA

Redstone is please to announce a Public Beta for Vine Viewer 1.2 (Including Vine Server 2.2)

Any Vine key (trial or purchased) is valid for the Beta Program.

Please download the Beta Package.

Please respond to this thread to report problems found in the Beta.

Release Notes

? Reverse Connections (and other connections) can now have a color depth specified without disconnecting.
? Settings for a Bonjour server (e.g. Scale To Fit) are now stored when customized.
? Fixed a display problem when the Mouse Right Click Key preference was set to “None”.
? Fixed some memory leaks on remote connections.
? Fixed some problems with attempting to update toolbar items improperly from a secondary thread.
? Fixed context menus in the Connection List.
? Fixed several clipboard transfer bugs relating to the active window.
? Fixed a bug where clipboard transfer could be blocked by cursor updates.
? Fixed a bug where dead connections could crash Vine Viewer.
? Fixed a bug where Vine Viewer would lock up on a clipboard “Cycle” between servers.
? Removed some debugging console logs.
? Fixed a bug with the Connection List not always showing all available Bonjour servers.
? Fixed a problem with entries in the Connection List not always indicating the proper state after a connection is lost.
? Fixed a problem when changing color depth would disconnect a connection.
? Fixed a problem with restoring a connection when re-launching if it’s a Bonjour entry.

? Added warnings when launching or setting a system server with no password set.
? Added a new -maxdepth argument to limit incoming connects.
? Added a new -maxauths to limit brute force VNC server attacks.
? Changed install permissions to 755 for increased security.
? Defaults to storing the .osxvncauth files to the users home directory.
? Improvements to performance when accessing clipboard data.
? Fixed a problem with keyboard events being impacted by local modifer keys (like CapsLock and Command).
? Fixed a problem detecting “self connection loops” where we are providing our own Pasteboard Data.
? Fixed a problem with multiple users launching the same application.
? Removed spurious log messages when accessing clipboard dat.

I am anxious to try 1.2 but as soon as I installed and tried it, it failed to connect. Instead, it pops up an error box saying it couldn’t connect and the connection is closed. ChickenVNC and Vine 1.1 still connect fine.

Client: G4 ibook 1Ghz, OSX 10.4.10
Server: Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz Gigabyte board, Windows XP Pro SP1
Server VNC: RealVnc 4
Router: dlink 625, wifi to client, ethernet to server

Please advise

So one issue with the Beta is with it not asking when it needs a password (fixing that up right now). If you enter one in the profile for the connection you will be able to connect.

After 20 minutes or so, the mouse gets stuck. I can’t do anything but quit Vine and relaunch. This has happened several times.

Client: G4 ibook 1Ghz, 1.25GB, OSX 10.4.10, Vine Viewer 1.2 BETA
Server: Core 2 Duo 4300, Gigabyte board, XP SP1, Real VNC
Router: Dlink 625, wifi client, ethernet server

Please advise.

It would be helpful to know if the events stop going through to RealVNC or if the updates stop coming back. One way to test this is do something obvious when it happens (Send Ctrl-Alt-Del for example) – then do your reconnect and see if it’s brought up the Task manager.

I’ll try. Watch, now it won’t happen again.

Ctrl-alt-del apparently never made it through

Don’t know if it helps, but I note that when I switch out of live mode, the mouse and keyboard return an error alarm. But when the mouse freezes I get nothing at all.

Is there a way to switch on error logging? Or a way to get status info?


Is there a way to increase the ssh timeout in the new version?

Really like the option to Close the connection list upon connection option.

Is there a way to have an option to Open the connection list upon disconnection.

That’s a good idea – to reopen it when the last one closes… I’ll look at that.

There is a hidden option to increase the SSH timeout, from a terminal window issue this command (no need to restart Vine):

defaults write com.redstonesoftware.Vine SSHConnectTimeout TIME

TIME is the timeout in seconds - 10 is the default.

Excellent. Thanks for the preference and for looking at the last closed idea.

something strange with either 1.1 or 1.2 beta. I have workstation running Windows 2000. It has UltraVNC 1.02. I can’t connect to it. I see Vienna Viewer connects 4 times, logs in and… nothing. Timeouts. What’s wrong?
OS 10.4.10 with all latest updates.

UltraVNC doesn’t allow connections using the ZlibHextile encoding. Please disable that encoding type in the preferences and you should be able to connect to UltraVNC.

Vine 1.2 final is now available.