Vine Viewer 1.2 loses connectivity

I’m having a strange problem. Vine viewer occasionally loses it’s ability to connect to all computers. Nor can it check the availability.

Closing and resarting Vine Viewer corrects the problem and restores connectivity.

I’ve been unable to pin it down to anything that I may be doing.


You may want to ensure you have a network that is uninterrupted. We do a fair amount of adjusting on the fly for low quality networks, however conditions do arise that make it hard to resolve network issues. Also, if you are able to restart and all is fine, at the point where you lose connectivity please snapshot the log file and sample the application and submit that to us. Possibly it will tell us what is going on too. You can snapshot a process with [/Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor](file:///Applications/Utilities/ (<-- RightClick and choose Open)


Here’s a screen capture of the connection windows when the problem occurs. I do get a message in there that says “Connection Failed: Error creating socket to host [host]”

Normally, if I try to connect to a host that is down, non-ecxistant, or unreachable, I get: “Connection Failed: Connection Timed Out - Unable to connect to host” or something similar.

I did find the same thing logged in the system log:

— snippet 1 —
2007-09-05 15:44:38.785 Vine Viewer[8931] Trying to connect - 5900
2007-09-05 15:44:38.786 Vine Viewer[8931] Connection failed:
Error creating socket to host
— end snippet 1 —


Ok, we think we have basically tracked this problem down. It will be fixed for the next maintenance update.