Vine Version 1.1

Vine Viewer 1.1 (5-December-2006) is now available for download.

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? Enhanced control over connection availability checks:
[list]You can manually trigger an update at any time from the Connection menu or the context menu in the connection list.
Added the ability to exclude individual connections from having their availability checked.
From the General Preferences you can set it to update once when you first start up. This is now the default. [/list:u]
These options are especially useful when working with RealVNC 4.1 servers, since repeated polling will cause a security lock-out until the server is restarted.

? Added the option to manually set the display name for each connection when adding or editing a connection.

? Added support for mouse buttons 3, 6, 7, and 8 on multi-button mice. (Buttons 4 and 5 are used internally by VNC for scroll wheel support, so can not be passed through directly).

? A license management feature has been added to the website.
This service allows users to retrieve their license keys and request a limited number of license transfers to new machines. This feature can be accessed by clicking the new “Manage” button on the Vine Licenses panel, or by visiting:

? A new version of Vine Server (v2.1) has also been released, which supports improvements to file copying to and from Vine Viewer (see the Vine Server Release Notes for full details).

Bug Fixes / Tweaks:

? Fixed problems with copying and pasting files between systems running different versions of Mac OS X (requires Vine Server 2.1 on the remote machine).
? Fixed a problem where reverse connections didn’t always update the screen properly.
? Fixed a problem on Intel-based Macs where size of clipboard data wasn’t reporting correctly. This would sometimes result in a progress sheet being displayed whenever text was copied.
? Fixed a problem with turning off the SSH (secure connection) option for a connection.
? Fixed the Disconnect button to do a better job of canceling a connection in progress.
? Fixed several crashing bugs.
? Fixed several compatibility problems on Mac OS X 10.3 with sorting connections and editing connections.
? Fixed a problem in which the remote window would sometimes stop tracking mouse movements after Vine had been hidden and then made active again.
? Improved Bonjour lookups.
? Fixed some performance problems after establishing/closing many connections.

Vine Viewer 1.1 is a free upgrade for registered users and is available at

Vine Viewer 1.2 is now available.