Vine System Server Shutdown on Login


I have used OSXvnc as a system server on an old iMac running MacOS 10.3 with no problem. I just got a new iMac with MacOs 10.5.6 and installed the Vine 3.0 server (which I assume is the new name for the server?).

When I try to access it from offsite with just the system server running, it works fine until I log in to MacOS, then the connection is terminated and I’m unable to reconnect. I thought of putting the server as a startup item in my user account, but it will not let me use the same port number.

Is there anyway to keep the system server connection active through login? This used to work fine with OSXvnc.

Changes in Mac OS X have forced changes in the server behavior. On 10.3 there was only one running GUI (for the whole OS). In 10.5 there are multiple GUI’s and the Login window is it’s own.

Vine Server 3 for 10.5 configured as a system server should give you access to the login window (as you see). When you login that server should shut-down (as you see) and then a new one should startup on that port for the logged in user (it might take a minute depending on what is launching at startup).

If that last part isn’t working for you then you might want to make sure that Apple’s Screen Sharing isn’t running (or at least isn’t running on the same port).

Nope, Screen Sharing isn’t running, but it still says:

“The port you chose (5902) is not available.
Probably because the VNC server is already running as a Startup Item.”

Any way to get around this?

Thanks for the help.

If you mean “any way to get around” the server shutting down – no; it’s a 10.5 security restriction that can’t be bypassed. As I said though a new server should come back up in it’s place – and the fact that you get a “port in use” would suggest that it did. Are you positive that the server didn’t restart a little while later.

You can issue this command from the terminal to see which VNC servers are running:

ps auxww | grep -i [v]nc

Ah, indeed it does.

It took about 30 seconds (give or take) from the time the pre-login server shut down before the new server came back up.

Sorry; I’m just used the way I could login in one step in the earlier version. Thanks for your kind help!

P.S. What do you think of the built-in VNC server in MacOS? I couldn’t get it to work remotely.

It’s not configurable enough. Vine Server is better.