Vine-Server Sytem V3.1Beta login failed

I work remote with SSH (Putty), VNC-Client and Vine-VNC-Server on my mac with an Win-PC.
After an reboot via console I can login on the new console after a few minutes, thats ok.
When I start the VNC-Client, I see the Login-Window from my mac. I click my username (the same loginname I had before) und write my password. Then I click “ok” and after that, the VNC-Client is disconnected (TightVNC - “Connection closed”)t. The console via putty was not disconnected. A second connect via VNC-Client failed. After an reboot, the same play.

After login on mac directly at home, I can also login remote via VNC.

On 10.5 the server does need to restart after a user login. This is mostly an Apple security restriction. It should come back within 60 seconds and allow you to connect. If not then it would be helpful for you to send us any information you have in the System log that pertains to Vine Server (or in the Vine Server log itself).

Where I can find the log from Vine-Server?
On Weekend I will make a second test and give you an feedback, if neccesary with the systemlog.
What I can say now, is, that I can’t login remote. On mac only the system-server runs. Ok, I will check this and make an second login after a few minutes.

Excuse me, it will take same days. On Friday my new iMac 20" (4Month) was killed with Display-Error.

PS: I love that China-Made bullshit and thanks to Apple :frowning:

I’ve been seeing some strange behaviour with this that I hope you can help with.

I’m running the 3.1 beta and 10.5.4.

I’ve installed the system server and it is launching as a user agent with:

“/Library/Application Support/VineServer/OSXvnc-server” -rfbport 5900 -desktop iMac -rfbauth “/Library/Application Support/VineServer/.vinevncauth” -SystemServer 1 -dontdisconnect -restartonuserswitch N -UnicodeKeyboard 0 -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -EventTap 3 -swapButtons -rendezvous Y

I have fast user switching enabled and two different accounts (UserA and UserB), which are usually both logged in. Vine Server seems to try to load two instances: one for UserA and one for UserB. In Activity Monitor, I can see an instance running under each user, with one of them usually “not responding”.

I end up getting lots of log entries like:

24/07/08 7:35:59 AM mDNSResponder[16] Client application registered 2 identical instances of service iMac._rfb._tcp.local. port 5900.


Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Arguments: -rfbport 5900 -desktop iMac -rfbauth /Library/Application Support/VineServer/.vinevncauth -SystemServer 1 -dontdisconnect -restartonuserswitch Y -UnicodeKeyboard 0 -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -EventTap 3 -swapButtons -rendezvous Y
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Main Bundle: /Library/Application Support/VineServer
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Loading Bundle /Library/Application Support/VineServer/Resources/TigerBundle.bundle
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Loading Bundle /Library/Application Support/VineServer/Resources/JaguarBundle.bundle
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Running in Little Endian
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Waiting for clients
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Using Private Event Source
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Using Dynamic Event Tap – HID for console user
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: Registering Bonjour Service(_rfb._tcp.) - iMac
Jul 24 07:38:50 iMac OSXvnc-server[26244]: IPv6: Failed to Bind Socket: Port 5900 may be in use by another VNC

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or is it normal behaviour? I can still connect via VNC, but it seems strange to be getting all of these messages and to have two server instances running.


That is the correct behavior – let me see if we can clean it up such that the mDNS logged error doesn’t get hit until the server binds on the port…

Thanks for the quick response! It’s great to receive this support for a free product.

This morning, for almost 2.5 hours, I can see those same messages repeating in the logs pretty well every ten seconds. This would have been from the time that my wife first used the computer locally this morning until I first connected remotely to osxvnc. Can you explain why the system server would be trying to reload every ten seconds and failing?

LaunchD is what is trying to load it – it’s supposed to just block (since the other server has the port). That particular message is just reporting a conflict with the Bonjour name so it’s actually something ELSE that is causing it to die (perhaps not getting in touch with LaunchD soon enough). Normally LaunchD should throttle the startup attempts back or stop them altogether so it’s acting at least a little peculiar.