Vine server reverse connection and repeater.

Is it possible to make the Vine server send an ID, to make it possible to connect to the RealVnc Repeater? I made a installer file with the server and a bash script, that fires up reverse vnc to my support center, but i can’t connect it my repeater!

Interesting, I’m not very familiar with how the “repeater” works. Does it inherently take any VNC session? If so then the reverse connection should work fine with it.

you can take a look at it here:
We use it as an remote support system, where the client downloads the Ultravnc SingleClick (UVNC server prconfigured for revers connection to our support Ultravnc repeater) That connects to the repeater, the support representative then connects to the repeater, with the ID given to the client (they (the client) have to enter a id, before the support session takes place).


I would be interested too by using Vine Server with our VNC repeater, in the exact same situation.
Any news therefore ?


On your SourceForge Feature Request, a guy named Jared Davison have posted a sample of repeater support for OSXvnc-server :

It’s old from October 2006 but i think repeater haven’t evolved since.

I found a rival of Vine Server which can accept connection through ultravnc repeater. It’s called x11vnc :