Vine Server "crashing"

I’ve been trying out Eggplant, and I have a couple of machines upon which Vine Server is having issues. From a UI standpoint, everything appears to be fine (server says it is running), however the viewer doesn’t see these machines.

One of the machines is a G5 running 10.4.10, the other is a Mac Mini G4 running 10.3.9. Both are running Vine Server 2.1.

The console.log on the G5 shows “Vine Server Crashed” ever few seconds while the server is running, and that a crash log was written. Checking the crash log (which appears on both machines) shows:
"*** NSTask: Task create for path /Users/username/Desktop/Vine failed: 8, “Exec Format Error”

Any ideas what might be causing this?
The machines that Vine Server is working on are a G5 running a 10.5 preview, and an Intel iMac running 10.4.10.

We usually see this type of Error Message when Vine Server has been improperly installed, either by being moved strangely or compressed and uncompressed in a way that doesn’t preserve relative links.

We recommend re-installing the Vine Server application either from the links on our downloads page or the Eggplant 4.0 disk image which contains the latest Vine Server (2.2).

Sure enough. Reinstalled from the DMG, and both machines are now working.