Vine Server not displaying the app window any more


I’ve been using Vine Server for about a month now without incident - just launching it as needed from the dock, stopping and starting the server using the buttons on the Connection tab.

Today when I launched Vine, it bounced in the dock for a while, then stopped. The usual window did not appear, although the dock indicated that the app was running.

Activity Viewer showed an active OSXvnc-server process, and the console log informed me that the server was running without any password authentication! Sure enough, I was able to start a VNC session without being prompted for a password.

Since the app window was not displayed onscreen, I was unable to click the ‘Stop Server’ button, so I killed the process using Activity Viewer. Subsequent attempts to launch the app yielded the same results.

Any thoughts as to what might have happened here? - thanks

The app bouncing in the dock is because you are running a HAXIE based on the APE.framework from

Unfortunately although these tools provide some interesting features they also can corrupt applications, in this case Vine is being corrupted.

In theory you can register Vine to be excluded from APE effects but our customers have had mixed results using that feature. The only guaranteed way to prevent the corruption has been to remove APE and any haxies based on it. You can also feel free to contact

As far as the running server without authentication – you most likely configured a System Server to run (without authentication), you can disable that using the Disable System Server button OR you can just remove the folder /Library/StartupItems/OSXvnc.

Ah, those confounded Haxies!

I removed the APE framework and things are back to normal. I’m not sure what was causing the server to launch without authentication - I hadn’t configured a System Server and there was no Startup Item - but it’s not doing it any more, so I’m happy.

Thanks for the prompt reply!