Vine Server Lockup

I have two Macs – an Intel IMac running Leopard and a G5 IMac running OSX 1.4.11. The G5 IMac is in my office and the Intel IMac is at home. Both machines are running Vine Viewer and Server.

I frequently need to connect to my office when I am home and to my home when I am in my office.

From time to time, on my office machine when I am connected to home, it locks up. I can’t even disconnect so I have to force the Vine Viewer to quit.
When I do this, I cannot subsequently connect to my home machine. The Vine Viewer in my office tries but reports that it is unable to connect.

This means, of course, that for the rest of the day I am unable to get to my home machine where I have information I need in my office. Not good!

I have no idea Vine in my office hangs; I haven’t seen a pattern of use or anything that suggests a problem. It simply will not respond to cursor movement.

Suggestions about what I am doing wrong or why this happens?

ken tompkins

First off, I just want to make sure you are using the latest 3.0 releases on both machines. We have identified and fixed several lockups from earlier versions.

If you already are then what I would highly encourage you to do is next time this happens when you get back to the machine with the locked up Vine server. Launch Utilities/Activity Monitor find the process named OSXvnc-server and collect a “Sample”. Then post that here or send it to support -at-