Vine server locks up all the time?

I’m using TightVNC on Windows XP to connect to my home Mac running Vine VNC Server. For some reason, at random times, the VNC screen just freezes up. I have to disconnect and reconnect to get it working again. It’s very frustrating. Is there something wrong with my setup, maybe?

While lockups aren’t unheard of they tend to be pretty rare for Vine Server.

1 – First are you certain it’s Vine Server you are connecting to (and not the built in ARD server which does lock up fairly regularly).

2 – If you could send us the Vine Server log it might help us diagnose the problem.

3 – When it does lock up, can you tell if events are still getting through? Or do both screen updates AND events completely stop?

  1. Totally certain. I’ve got Vine on a different port number and I’m connecting to that specific port.

  2. Sure, just tell me where to find the log and where to submit it.

  3. From what I can tell, screen updates totally stop… I don’t know if my mouse clicks are still registering. I could try next time by right clicking next time it freezes, and then reconnect and see if the context menu came up.


The following may help you with locating your VineServer Log file…

$cat ${HOME}/Library/Logs/VineServer.log

Best wishes

Yeah I checked there, I don’t have that file. And I don’t see any options in Vine to turn on logging.

Could it be the TightVNC local cursor tracking thing? Change it to
remote server cursor handling. That workaround works for me.
I think they’re trying to fix it for 3.1.

See this thread.

for what it’s worth, i had exactly the same problem (well, at least the symptoms), and letting the remote server handle the cursor fixed it.

thanks nospamboz :slight_smile:

Yeah, seems to be OK for me too since I modified that setting. Thanks!

I’ve been suffering with this for such a long time. Thanks for the workaround!

However, one side effect of turning off local cursor control in TightVNC is that the cursor is almost impossible to see. Is there a way to make it more visible?

We’ve just posted an updated Vine Server Beta that we hope addresses this problem. Please read this notice –

Sorry, but local cursor still hangs for me.

Has OSXvnc-server changed? It’s byte-for-byte the same as with beta 1.
Packaging problem?

Sorry, but local mouse control still hangs with beta 2.

Has OSXvnc-server changed? It’s byte-for-byte the same as with beta 1.
Packaging problem?