Vine Server Desktop Server Window Improvements

  1. The design should match that of the System Server and Preferences ones - not least the surface texture and colour.

  2. There seems little point allowing one to change the size of the window - though big addresses like “” need to be accommodated.

  3. The words “The server is stopped” which appear when the “Stop Server” option is taken is bad English and should read “The server has been stopped” - so reflecting the last event. However, this is inconsistent with the similar message given by a similar act performed via the System Server window. Moreover, the message changes to “The server is not running” when one quits and then re-runs Vine Server - one which strikes me as an appropriate replacement for the one which is used to describe the event as the status rather than the event is of more importance.

1- I basically agree although the System Server is disassociated from the GUI and so we wanted it to appear visually distinct.

2 - I agree and think we’ll put this to a fixed size window.

3 - I agree that we could use some better language normalization here, as I’m tweaking that I’ll normalize the language.

Thanks for your suggestions.