Vine server and Photoshop keyboard commands

my photoshop keyboard commands dont work on the slave computer anyone know know why that would be? my mouse and type work fine but is i try apple key s or apple key plus to enlarge a image it gives me the error beep… i end up havin to do everything via the menus which slows me dont… pease help :slight_smile:

First off, are you using a US Keyboard or an international keyboard?

Second, you might need to change your Event type under Preferences->Device, Photoshop may only respond to one type of event.

US keyboard

I tryed all three keyboard event settings and same thing…

Just to be certain – did you restart the server after changing the event settings?

haha yep all three times… i saw the note to restart and restarted

Are you the only user logged into the machine?

yes i even restarted both machines